if you make your blockchain into a bundle of contracts with “constitutions” etc., govts/courts/law enforcement will treat them accordingly–immutability is not legal

cryptosystems are best treated as people opting out of a rights/duties regime into a powers/incentives regime

🎉 Announcing: Skip is now live on Terra2!

Fun fact! Skip was founded at a Terra hackerhouse in May.

This is not the *same* Terra, but we’re thrilled to come full circle and bring Skip to the Terra2 validators and community 🚀

How to get started 👇

There’s this notion that “Luna would’ve failed anyway, if Alameda/FTX + affiliated parties used their clients’ assets and positions to orchestrate an elaborate attack on it then who cares” in some pockets

This actually gets to a basic white hat vs black hat argument

Genesis, a lending firm, “bought” $1b of UST from LFG in April. This UST was sold into the Curve pool during the early morning hours on Sunday (May 8th), initiating the depeg

The answer to who attacked UST will be found on the Genesis lending book


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