I’ve noticed a common misconception where people compare Avalanche Subnets to L2s as if they’re competing scaling solutions.

They are not. Avalanche architecture works great for L2 deployments, if you really need one.


The Lemonade Crypto Climate Coalition is one of the first initiatives providing an example of the transformative real-world potential that crypto offers. This is a real-world use case that’s quietly in practice utilizing Avalanche.


🔺 AVAX Q1 Review 🔺

You ever wondered if you know EVERYTHING that happened on @avalancheavax in Q1?

Because it’s A LOT..

So we got together some of your favorite @avalabsofficial builders to make sure you didnt miss anything

Set reminder: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1BdGYyMoOmBGX?s=20


Policymakers: Don’t waste your time on the fantasies of the techbros saying “Oh noes, we’re building something TOO powerful.” Listen instead to those who are studying how corporations (and govt) are using technology (and the narratives of “AI”) to concentrate and wield power.


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