🦄🦄 Calling all Uniswapers! 🦄🦄

Today we published an update to the community on what we’ve been up to since the gov proposal to fund the UF passed in August.

Read the post for the full breakdown, and the thread below for some of the highlights ⚡️


Elizabeth Warren believes this branding is strategic because:

1) wayyy more money advocating against crypto than for it

2) crypto is viewed negatively / neutrally by enough people she can attack it w/o losing many votes

Our industry needs to work together to fix 2

Early users in the testflight are loving our mobile wallet.

Apple still won’t let us launch it though.

Still no clear reason why as the features they claim are problematic already exist in metamask, coinbase, rainbow, etc https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1640387696987086848

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