How are people not using @costplusdrugs ?? If you’re struggling to pay for prescriptions please look into Mark Cuban’s online pharmacy! They cut out the middle man. My anxiety medication that is $600 w/o insurance is $23 here w/o insurance and that includes shipping!!

@mcuban @costplusdrugs My 70 year old grandmother went to buy a medication called brilinta they told her for 1 month supply it was gonna be $460 we found a similar medication on ur site for only $10 you also carry her other meds instead of paying over $700 she pays a bit over 50

@LaurieLynn8308 👍 I canceled my Part D insurance because Walgreens changed the formulary and everything suddenly had big co-pays. With CostPlusDrugs my Rx’s cost less than 1/3 of what the Part D premium had been. And shipping saves me the cost & inconvenience of having to drive & wait in line.

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