CALLDATA costs for @0xPolygon zkEVM will soon be much lower as we optimize. Our immediate goal isn’t to maximize short-term usage and TVL, it’s to ensure stability and safety.

If you want a zkEVM for the long-term, compare prover performance – it’s much harder to improve.


Kris Kaczor 🦆💗 @krzKaczor

💰 Cost: Storing state diffs is way more efficient. It’s not just less data (e.g., signatures omitted) but also allows for “batching” multiple changes impacting the same accounts.

Efficiency comparison? MASSIVE!

1/ @0xPolygon 🤝 @bitski

Speed, affordability & seamless user experiences are core to @0xPolygon and @bitski.

👇 Today, we’re introducing a better, simpler way to navigate the Polygon ecosystem. Keep your alerts on today for some special MATIC & Polygon-NFT giveaways. 💜 🎁

🇺🇸US at risk of losing 1M web3 jobs & global influence due to regulatory uncertainty

🧑‍⚖️ Congress needs to pass pro-blockchain and web3 policies for innovation & economic growth.

💸 Fundraise, educate, and support tech-first candidates.

We are here to…

The @y00tsNFT migration has been incredible.

A majority of the y00ts have now migrated over to @0xPolygon; the volume is soaring now, too.

Big shoutout to all @phantom, @MagicEden, @wormholecrypto, @frankdegods, @kevindegods, and everyone involed.

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